Our Mission & Vision

Sri Vasudhaika Foundation

Our Mission

Educating Engaging and Empowering communities through the relentless pursuit of equality, our NGO, Sri Vasudhaika Foundation, is committed to fostering positive change and providing unwavering social service to the poor and needy. Together, we strive to build a world where every individual, regardless of background, enjoys equal opportunities and a dignified quality of life.

Our Vision

Guided by the values of Svadharmam (duty), Swabhimanam (self respect), Samanatwam (equality), and Samajika Seva (social service), our NGO envisions a society where individuals uphold their duties with pride, fostering equality and actively engaging in social service to create a community founded on dignity and shared responsibility.

Our Four Main Principles


(Self Respect)


Samajika Seva
(Social Service)


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Education and Healthcare Programs Conducted.


Social Welfare Programs Conducted.


Environmental Projects Conducted.

About Us

Sri Vasudhaika Foundation was started in the year 2023 on September 17th. The aim of the establishment is to assist socially disadvantaged, impoverished, and destitute children, teens, and adults by providing them with food, clothing, medical care, shelter, and quality education in addition to meeting their fundamental necessities.Along with eradicating poverty, our goals also include environmental preservation.

"Our goal at Sri Vasudhaika Foundation is to establish a society where all people live in peace with a healthy environment, attain the best possible quality of health, gain empowerment through education, and benefit from an inclusive and loving community. We work to promote community development, sustainable environmental practices, and overall well-being in order to be a beacon of hope."

Sri Vasudhaika Initiatives


Having an education is essential to ending the poverty cycle and realizing one's potential. In our ideal world, everyone has access to education and can acquire the knowledge and skill needed for both individual and community growth. Our goal is to provide people with the knowledge and skills necessary to prosper, give back to the community, and create better futures for themselves and their families Our programs include

* Offering yearly scholarships
* Giving out note books
* Offering tuition assistance
* NNMS applications
* Holding competitions in government schools
* Attending government schools
* Donating school supplies to merit children


We see a future in which everyone has the fundamental right to have high quality healthcare. Regardless of socioeconomic background, we want to guarantee that everyone has access to healthcare services, preventative measures, and health education so they can live long, healthy lives. Fighting diseases, promoting general well-being, and reducing health inequities are our goals. Our initiatives include

* Blood donation camps
* Awareness camps
* Health camps
* Awareness days
* Counseling for alcohol and drug addicts


We envision a world where humans coexist harmoniously with nature, preserving the planet for future generations. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is deeply rooted in our vision. We strive to protect and restore ecosystems, promote eco-friendly practices, and raise awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship. Our aim is to create a sustainable world where the environment thrives alongside human progress. Our initiatives include

* Planting trees
* Eliminating plastic
* Cleaning lakes
* Cleaning goashala
* Creating seed balls and saplings
* Promoting harithaharam

Social Welfare

One aspect of our goal is a society in which no one is left behind and where the pillars of our communities are compassion, empathy, and support. Our dedication lies in advancing social welfare, aiding marginalized groups, and establishing a safeguard to guarantee a life of dignity for everyone. Our goal is to create a community that values each individual's well-being, inclusivity, and social cohesiveness. Our projects include

* Skill development courses
* Donation of necessities
* Donation of blankets and jute bags

Eradication of Poverty

We envision a world where the scourge of poverty has been eliminated, where no one must endure the hardships of deprivation and lack. Our mission is to create a society where individuals and families have access to the basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, shelter, and education, allowing them to break free from the shackles of poverty and reach their full potential. Our offerings encompass a range of services such as

* Livelihood provision
* Beautician training
* Embroidery instruction
* Job melas
* Collaboration references
* Interview training
* Skill development
* Jute and paper bag manufacturing
* Support for small-scale companies


* To Establish an Old-Age home for the neglected senior citizens of our nation.

* To serve Mentally-Retarded People and establish a shelter/Care Home for them.

* Establish an effective echo system to help physically challenged/Visually Challenged people and Cancer patients with the kind support of Corporate Companies.

* Go-Shala (Cow Shelter) and awareness camps to curb the menace of cruelty towards animals. Conducting Vegan Campaigns in Schools & Colleges to counter the life style disorders (due to fast food mania) in Indian youth in order to encourage healthy life style.

* Identify, Encourage and help those bright & economically backward students to excel in their studies.